Stoneglow Day Flower - Ginger & White Lily Tumbler

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Stone Glow Day Flower - Ginger & White Lily Tumbler

Beautifulhomesdirect is proud to introduce our new range of candles and diffusers. These illustrious, eye-capturing products are for you to set a calm and tranquil ambience in your home. Stone Glow is a respected and well-known candle brand which ensures you get your money's worth. This Tumbler is mixed with a bundle of Florence's, Jasmine, Lily and Rose with a dash of ginger, clove and bergamot will have your nose twitching for more.

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Stone Glow
Range: Day Flower
Material: Glass | Wax (Mineral)
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: Height: 8.5cm | Diameter: 7.5cm
Burn Time: 35 Hours