LSA Wine Grand Champagne Flutes 100ml - Pair

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Perfect for wedding gifts for that special couple, the LSA Wine Grand Champagne Flutes from Beautiful Homes Direct stand tall and can be showcased on any occasion. Handmade from thin, fragile soda lime glass, these sophisticated glasses stand tall, adding a touch of elegance and style over a romantic meal as these 32cm tall glasses definitely make a statement.

Capacity: 100ml
Height: 32cm
Width: 9cm
Colour: Clear
Handmade? Yes
Material: Glass
Dishwasher Safe? No
Care: Hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

If you love the classic, handmade designs of the LSA Wine Range, then why not take a look at the sophisticated LSA Wine Collection and stunning Champagne Flutes we supply at Beautiful Homes Direct.