LSA Coro Champagne Flute - Berry Assorted - Set of 4

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Designed for any celebration in mind, the LSA Coro Champagne Flute in Berry are crafted from thin soda lime glass and showcase sophisticated, assorted colours, which are more than ideal for any champagne and cocktail party. Available from Beautiful Homes Direct these glamourous berry colours match any home décor perfectly, with colours including purple, dark purple, grape and red which set off the thin, fragile, glass beautifully. The LSA Coro Range comes in 3 assorted selections; leaf, lagoon and berry and showcase stunning purple, blue and green assortments of glass.

Capacity: 225ml
Height: 24cm
Width: 5.5cm
Set of 4 glasses
Colour: Clear with assorted purple bases
Handmade? No
Material: Glass
Dishwasher Safe? Not Recommended
Care: Hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.