LSA Bar Carafe & Tumbler

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The LSA Bar Carafe and Tumbler is designed perfectly to use a tumbler glass as a stopper, perfect for the bedside table. Constructed for the late night drink, the LSA Bar Carafe and Tumbler has a large base, with thick neck and can be the perfect gift for him on any occasion. Available from Beautiful Homes Direct, this carafe and tumbler is mouth blown with each set being paired with each other beautifully with a unique, distinctive fit. Carefully designed handles, a smooth lip and thick base exaggerates the handmade nature of this set and any connoisseur would be lucky to enjoy this delightful work of art.

Dimensions: 18cm (Height) x 13cm (width)
Capacity: 800ml (Carafe) and 150ml (Tumbler)
Colour: Clear
Handmade? Yes
Material: Glass
Dishwasher Safe? No
Care: Hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

Please be aware that the carafe and tumbler are both mouth blown from glass and therefore this decanter will not be airtight.