LSA Whisky Islay Set of 2 Tumblers and Jug Set

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Pair the LSA Whisky Islay Water Jug from Beautiful Homes Direct with the LSA Whisky Islay Tumblers to complete a beautiful set which any connoisseur will love! By adding water to your whisky will dilute the flavours and enhance new testing experiences which would dance in your mouth. Sweet aromas of the whisky can be complemented with this handmade water jug and tumblers from Beautiful Homes Direct - with a solid base and walnut coaster to look fascinating with any home and room décor. Whether you drink your whisky dry or add ice and water - the LSA Whisky Islay Water Jug and Tumblers would be an alluring feature when having a quiet night in.

Product Information:

  • Tumblers: Capacity: 250ml, Height: 10cm, Width: 6.5cm
  • Jug: Capacity: 300ml, Height: 11.1cm, Width: 17.5cm
  • Care: Hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • Clean wood with a soft brush or damp cloth - do not leave immersed in water and allow to dry naturally.