LSA Whisky Islay Connoisseur Set

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This product makes the perfect gift for any whisky enthusiast. This whisky connoisseur set comes with a beautiful mouth blown decanter, two tumblers, two nosing glasses and a water jug. These are then able to be served in a stunning walnut serving tray.

Product Information:

Tumbler: 250ml (c), 10cm (h), 6.5cm (w)
Nosing Glasses: 110ml (cm), 12cm (h), 4cm (w)
Water Jug: 300ml (c), 11cm (h), 7.5cm (w)
Decanter: 1L (c), 26.5cm (h), 13.5cm (w)
Tray: 31.5cm (h), 43.5cm (w)