LSA Dine Dinner Plate & Bread Plate Rimmed

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The LSA Dine Dinner Plate Set of 4 - Rimmed will be great used for any dinner party with your family and friends, your guest will be impressed with the elegantly designed plates with a smooth porcelain finish and curved edges. The beautifully handmade plates will look great presenting your main meal at your dinner party.

  • Height: 2cm
  • Width: 27cm

The simple but elegant LSA Dine Bread/Cake Plate Set of 4 - Rimmed is the perfect size to serve up a small but guilty snack. Simply cut a fresh piece of warm bread and enjoy with refreshing hummus, or even slice up a delicious cake and rest it upon the smooth finished LSA bread/cake plate.

  • Height: 2cm
  • Width: 18cm