Caithness Blessings Paperweight - Varied Colours

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Available from Beautiful Homes Direct, these stunning glass paperweights feature various colour contrasts that will look elegant on any surface. The attractive design and impressive smooth finish give these colour drop paperweights from Caithness their unique look. Handmade in Scotland from the Blessings collections, Caithness has created these contrasting colour droplets in 6 different colours including enchanting purple, soft aqua, deep waves of blue, dazzling gold, exotic green and sensual pink. Caithness Glass invite a swirl of bright colours that would be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Product Information:

Aqua Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 5cm (w)
Blue Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 5cm (w)
Gold Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 5cm (w)
Green Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 5cm (w)
Pink Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 5cm (w)
Purple Dimensions: 6.5cm (h) x 5cm (w)