Bewater | Bepower Courage Glass

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Bewater | Bepower Courage Glass

Brand New to BeautifulHomesDirect, the stunning Bewater water bottles are truly a sight to behold. These water bottles are creative and fun. We offer 16 varieties of Bewater glass water bottles that each feature a different gem chamber that contain some of the finest gemstones/crystals in the world, so you can find your perfect match. These are perfect for home and office use and make a great gift.


The Carnelian(orange) is linked to courage. It also said to improve your social skills, a study with socially anxious people have claimed that it has helped create better social bonds than before. It also dates back to when ancient warriors wore Carnelian around their necks for physical power and courage.

The Rock Crystal combines with the Carnelian which is rumoured to stabilise circulation, blood pressure and rheumatism.

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Bewater
Range: Bepower
Material: Glass
Capacity: approx. 500ml
Colour: Clear (Orange)
Dimensions: 24.5cm (H)
(Note: the Gem Chambers are NOT changeable on the Bewater Tritan Plastic Bottles.)