Refreshing drinks for Wimbledon


Where did it all begin?

Tennis started around 12th century France from a French handball game called “Paume” (meaning palm) where the ball was struck by the palm of the hand “Ouch”. Eventually someone had the sense to use a racquet.
Wimbledon is upon us and we all celebrate in different ways. Some celebrate casually, some with style and opulence and some in between and some, well....

Not drinking from champagne flutes which could be bought from


While on the subject, drinking from a shoe has been known as both bringer of good luck and practice of punishment.


What Will You Drink?


Gin stemless glasses available at

Wimbledon Summer Cup. Bread Street Kitchen


Wimbledon blog by

Pat Cash Smash. Beany Green


Champagne saucers available from

The Perfect Serve. Nobu Berkely Street


Try wine glasses from

Championship Cocktail. Bibendum, Michelin House


Cocktail glass available at

Wimbledon Cocktail 1. Level 31, The Shard

Whether you drink squash, juice, beer, bubbly, spirits or water, Wimbledon is the time of the year where we come together to celebrate tennis and enjoy the company and the occasion.
Having shown you a small selection of drinks I found online, you might want to consider what you want from your glasses/drinkware and how much are going to spend on it.
Parties and social gatherings can be costly in breakages, especially when you invite people with children. Imagine you have paid £50 for a set of 4 champagne flutes and a lovely young person knocks one over, ARRRGGHHH!!!! and you have to say “don’t worry about it, they are just children playing”.
Whatever the drink, you can always be sure to find a good deal on sets of glasses and not worry too much about losing a glass or two while entertaining.
We British are a hardy lot and hardly seem to let the weather dictate our pleasure and social activities. I sincerely hope you enjoy the summer and the festivities involving the drink of your choice with the company to infuse a great atmosphere.




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By docmonstereyes from USA - Another guy drinking Rockstar out of a shoe, CC BY 2.0,


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