We love to hear from you!

We love to hear from you!

Above all else our customers are our 1# priority, we want to ensure that you are fully content with our services; we also want to hear how we can improve on a whole, which is why we are eager to hear your personal experience with Beautifulhomesdirect.

We have invested in a review system called Feefo which allows you, the customer, to give honest and timely reviews about our company. You decide whether you want to give a poor score of 1 star, or an excellent score of 5 stars, the choice is yours!

To ensure we only have real, honest reviews, customers will have to purchase a product from our store where they will then be sent an email stating whether they want to leave a review, yes, it’s really that simple.

Your feedback doesn’t always have to be about products, it can be constructive criticism, improvements or anything that aligns with helping our company grow, we would love to hear it!

If using a review system isn’t your cup of tea, send an email to info@beautifulhomesdirect.com, we really want to hear your thoughts!

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