Top 10 Alternatives for Vodka Glasses

Top 10 Alternatives for Vodka Glasses

This stylish and high quality vodka set of 6 glasses and paddle are great for everyday use or for social gatherings. They have so many great uses and with so many big holidays around the corner, they make the perfect gift. So if you are struggling for ideas and you know someone who enjoys a good drink or would find them useful in any of the other uses listed below.

1. The glasses can be also used for presenting small desserts. For example: Mini Strawberry Shortcake Shooter, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pudding Parfaits, Toasted Marshmallow Mini Milkshakes, Mini Brownie Sundaes plus many more possibilities.

2. They are also great for putting flowers in and become almost like mini vases, so if you feel like a room is lacking colour, combining these glasses with a brightly coloured flower could add that touch of colour that the room is missing.

3. If you’re serving food that requires some dipping sauces then these fit the bill perfectly.

4. Great for serving snacks or hors d'oeuvre to your guests.

5. They can be great for using to make candles and improving the scent of your home.

6. Ideal for storing your herbs and spices.

7. If you’re feeling artistic decorate the glasses yourself and use them as shelf fillers.

8. Another great way to use vodka glasses is by using them to tidy up your office. Use the vodka glasses to hold paperclips, coins or pins

9. Another great use of these glasses are to use them to serve a palate cleanser between meals. These vodka glasses allow for the perfect amount between dishes and look good when served.

10. Soup shots are a great way to make use of vodka glasses. Serve french classics or on a hot summers day serve a crisp, chilled cucumber soup to your guests.

So even if you’re not a big vodka drinker these glasses have endless possibilities and would undoubtedly make the perfect gift for friends, family and even yourself

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