The Spiritual Water Bottle | BeWater

The Spiritual Water Bottle | BeWater

I don't know about you, but I am fascinated with the whole aspect of gemstones. The colours, the properties and the affects they can have on your body and your spirit. That is why I am extremely excited for the new BeWater series of water bottles, coming soon to BeautifulHomesDirect. These bottles are truly fascinating. There are four different categories: Bejoy, BeLove, BeMagic and BePower. Each bottle contains and insert filled with gemstones that relate to these traits. It is said that after leaving your water for 7 minutes, before drinking, allows for the gemstones to affect the water so that when you drink it you will receive the beneficial properties from gemstones.

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 BeWater | BeJoy

The first range from bewater is the stunning BeJoy. This range is all about having a joyful and balanced life. It promotes hope, wonder and strength.

BeJoyBeJoy Packaging

BeWater | BeLove

The next range from Bewater is BeLove. This range is all about love, whether it be yourself or others around you. To achieve this the gemstones used in this range are known to promote: passion, desire, harmony, compassion and inner peace

BeLoveBeLove Packaging

BeWater | BeMagic

The BeMagic range is all about creating a world in which people dream big and surpass the impossible as well as inspire themselves and the people around them to strive for something greater. The gemstones in this range help by giving you clarity in the things that you do as well as the patience needed to grow as a person.

BeMagicBeMagic Packaging

BeWater | BePower

BePower is not only about physical strength but the power and strength that you hold inside. The gemstones in this range have the benefits of encouraging vitality, self awareness, strength and are said to haid recovery.

BePowerBePower Packaging


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