The Great British Bake Off Week 1 Recap

The Great British Bake Off Week 1 Recap

The Great British Bake Off has finally hit our screens again. In week one we see 12 new bakers enter the famous white tent. Week 1 was biscuit week. In round one the bakers were tasked with baking a regional biscuit that has a meaning behind them. Anthony’s Tumeric & Caraway Goosnargh Cakes were a hit with Paul and Prue. The bright orange and yellow biscuits melted perfectly in the mouth and the chilli jam really bought the bake together, yet Ruby’s Masala Chai Devon Flats were very dry and left a lot to be desired.

The 2nd round was the technical challenge in which the contestants had to make everyone’s childhood favourite, a Wagon Wheel. In this round ruby redeemed herself from her previous fail coming in 1st place and Anthony plummets down to 12th place after his disastrous attempt.

For the show stopper the bakers were challenged with creating a biscuit selfie scene in which they had to make multiple layers of biscuits to create a 3d scene. In this round Ruby went for the go big or go home method with a huge 40-piece design, which unfortunately was not finished in time. Daniel’s bake was vey well done having made a great biscuit, like Paul, I too was questioning what Dan was holding in his hands. The best showstopper had to have been Manon’s Matcha and White Chocolate Japanese Selfie. This bake looked great but was made even better by the clean execution and well-balanced flavours.

This week’s star baker was Manon after a brilliant performance through all three bakes. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Imelda, after under performing on all three bakes.

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