The Blossoming Of Tea

The Blossoming Of Tea

Now, I like my teas and all the varieties available. With so many choices and flavours, how does one decide? No matter what the mood or occasion, there is always a tea that will complement it. So how did tea come to be? I hear you ask.

Chinese Emperor Who Discovered Tea

The Beginning of a Happy Accident

The serendipitous legend of tea began in 2000-ish BC China. Image this. A Chinese emperor sitting under a tree, a pot of boiling water and the autumn breeze. My question would be, what is a Chinese emperor doing sitting under a tree near boiling water when he has a whole palace full of staff to serve him? Yet there he is, under a tree, with a servant boiling water next to him. The autumn breeze gently rocking the tree when suddenly leaves start to fall and end up in the boiling water. Mesmerised by the aroma this water was giving of he decides to taste it. He was that impressed with the taste, he put years of research into it.

Thanks to that fortunate circumstance, we can now enjoy a huge array of that are easily accessible via retail stores like Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, John Lewis. Even on my recent visit to Royal Doulton, I discovered a great range of teas for sale.

Flowering Tea Teapot and Mug

Flowering Tea

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, at this ripe old age of 53, I came across flowering tea. These amazing creations are remarkable and so intriguing. Not sure if this is my childish excitement or genuine naivety.

The flowering teas come in many different designs. Just put one of the small pods in hot water and watch them blossom, releasing the flavour and aroma of the tea. I could go on and on about how great it was to watch, but I’d fill about four pages.

Wonderlust Tea

My Love For Tea

I have a humble selection of different teas at home that I enjoy in my Royal Doulton Pacific Mugs. The Pacific Mugs have a great shape, that make them easy and comfortable to hold. With a capacity of 450ml these mugs are great for people who love tea as much as I do. The mugs come in a set of six and each mug has a different design, each inspired by an element of the ocean.

Have a look the mugs and see which is pattern you take to, then imagine the tea you would drink from the mugs.

Interested in the Royal Doulton Pacific Mugs: Click the link below to go straight to the page.

 Royal Doulton Pacific Mugs And Milk Frother

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