Finally, peace and quiet...

Finally, peace and quiet...

BeautifulHomesDirect is proud to introduce our new candle & diffuser products, straight from a well-known, respected brand; Stoneglow.


Stoneglow originated in the UK, with 26 years of crafting, designing, envisioning and experience they have successfully built a respectable brand which offers quality, well-scented candles & diffusers just for you.

Highly experience candle makers are fully trained and skilled craftsmen/women who are devoted to giving you the best experience with candles.

Every item is hand finished to perfection ensuring you have the perfect fragrance for your home. The finest materials are always used as it’s only essential that they provide high-quality products. Reason being Stoneglow sets themselves apart from other competitors by using a secret blend of mixtures to enhance the aroma, they even grow and nurture their Nature’s Gift, which is why we just had to add this range to our store.

Stoneglow also manufacture candles for some of the most well-known brands about! From 5-star hotels, stores and even fashion labels. Which is why we’re honoured to have them in our store.


We hope these scented candles set a serene atmosphere in your home, various products from Stoneglow now available at

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