Who loves plants? Just about everyone who isn’t allergic to them, am I right? right!? That joke went over better in my head… Well, I for one an am an avid lover of plants, the shape, smell, texture, I’m starting to daydream now, but I could go on forever.

If you love plants as much as me then you’re obviously a plant enthusiast, which is great! That way you’ll be enticed to carry on reading, so let me give you some fun facts about plants:

  • The fastest growing woody plant in the world is bamboo. Bamboo can grow up to 35 inches in just one day!
  • Fungi (mushrooms) and algae (seaweed) are not considered plants but are part of their own kingdoms.
  • There are nearly 600 different species of carnivorous plants that eat insects and small animals.
  • The largest flower in the world is the Rafflesia which can grow to over three feet in diameter!

I did say they were fun, not interesting, but that’s all up to you to decide, anyways an interesting fact would be that a small evergreen, green shrub; remains a 12th-century Zen ceremony.  Monks developed it as an aid to contemplation. England became an international empire largely due to the trade of this herb.

What was this plant? Yes, you guessed right it was Tea if you want more insight into this you can find it on our other blog about tea;

The only problem is how do we show off our plants for the world to see, if there was only some way we could present our plants in a secure and stable box while still showing its splendour, hmm…

A PLANT POT! It was on the tip of my tongue all this time, everyone knows plant pots are plant clothes… maybe I should just stop with the jokes altogether. Anyways your plant can’t always be naked, so you need to find a beautiful pot that matches its magnificence, which means you’re in luck! Here at Beautifulhomesdirect we offer some of the most illustrious, eye-captivating plant pots you’ve ever witnessed.



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