Baking Season Is Here!

Baking Season Is Here!

If you're British, it’s a crime if you haven’t at least heard of The Great British Bake Off (TGBBO). Well, regardless if you are or aren’t, it’s imperative that you understand what this marvellous event is about.

The Great British Bake Off is a spectacular event where dedicated, passionate bakers compete amongst one another in order to achieve the status of the ‘UK’s Best Amateur Baker’. The series runs for a duration of 10 hour-long episodes, including a good diversity range to show what Britain is truly about. Every week these bakers will have to show their prowess by using their many baking skills to tackle the challenges ahead.
The competition consists of 3 main challenges; Signature Bake, Technical Bake and Showstopper Bake.
The Signature Bake segment is an understanding of an individual baker’s personality, creativity, ability and time management. Their task is to bake something cute, rustic and home-made looking.

The Technical Bake challenge is given to the bakers to reproduce a basic recipe with the exact same ingredients and instructions. The bakers have to be astute and make sure the finished product is a replica of the original.

Finally, the Showstopper Bake is where the bakers are made to show off their talents. Creativity, taste and presentation is the key to this challenge’s success.


You may have heard of this name before, Paul Hollywood, if you haven’t he is one of the judges for the Great British Bake off, renowned, admired and respected by many, he made his reputation from working in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. He published a best-selling book (100 Great Breads) that sold across ten countries and was translated into 7 different languages!

Prue Leith is one of Britain’s most renowned Baker, she established her career through her various accomplishments: restaurant, catering, food teaching, food writer, novelist, television cook and a radio cook on the Today’s programme.
Before she joined the TGBBO she was a judge on BBC’s Great British Menu and C4’s My Kitchen Rules.

With this being the 9th season already, we hope many more are to follow as it encourages you to pick up the baking tray, but also as a good source of entertainment for you and/or the family to enjoy!


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