Letting you rule 2016

So it’s now the start of February – probably the most depressing month of the year (January) is now over, New Year and Christmas is forgotten and let’s face it – unless you have a birthday or anniversary in January, there’s nothing much to celebrate at all. The weathers not much better and work is extremely busy with the New Year and new plans coming into play and we’ve all pretty much broken our New Year’s Resolution already. So what have we got to look forward to? I guess in February there’s Valentine’s Day, then we reach spring, so the year is going to start picking up now we all have January out the way. 

If the start of your year has been a bad one, Beautiful Homes Direct are going to give you some ‘life hacks’ to make the rest of your year better than the stereotypical horror of a busy January – so where do we start?

1. Meditation and Relaxation
After a wet, rainy, generally miserable January it is time to relax, take a step back! We’ve just had Christmas off and already are exhausted from jumping into things too quickly. Scientific studies show that meditation helps improve your mood, reduces stress, lessens anxiety and increases your brains grey matter – which in effect improves your decision making and self-control. Once you get thehang of it, meditation is easy to do and by taking 10 minuets‘you time’ at the start and end of each day, you’ll see life ina whole new light.

2. Pick up a hobby
Having a hobby is actually good for you! And you can choose what you do! Whether you want to get in a boxing ring, do a bit of Zumba or having a nice read with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate – do something which makes YOU happy! By picking up a hobby and doing something you enjoy helps you’re ability to focus, reduce stress levels and helps with brain power – try it out and do something for you! Take a break from the work email and relax with something that you love to do.

3. Be more grateful
Be thankful and appreciate every aspect of your life. The ‘keep smiling effect’. By smiling and showing gratitude in every aspect of your life, you can become 25% happier – think about that 25% happier by just being thankful through every situation! Not only will it help you be happier, studies show your social life improves and quality of sleep gets better too! Perfect combination: happiness + sleep.

4. Stop Procrastinating
By allowing your mind to not be on focus with tasks which needs doing and building these barriers increases stress levels. Yes, they might not be the most pleasurable of tasks but they sure get you down if you’re in agony when doing them – plus we all have them! Instead of putting a task off, do it there and then, by doing this you will feel a great sense of achievement and be happy you have completed the task at hand. Remember, you never avoid tasks, just putting them off doesn’t mean they are not there… It just means they’re in your life that whole lot longer.

5. Enjoy the little things
After long days at work, or even stressful days sorting things out in the home – enjoy the little things which life has to offer you! Bungee jumping and Water Rafting are big dreams which can be accomplished – but when you’ve done them all…then what? Learning to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and show yourself the natural world around you. Have a candle lit bath, look at the starts, walk barefoot in the grass – little things which could really make you smile a little bit more.

6. Be kinder to yourself
We all have a hard look on ourselves, whether it’s believing we are too fat, to skinny, feeling like we are never good enough, too unhealthy or working too hard. We all have ways to put ourselves down – understand your issues and respond to them – tell yourself you look good, tell yourself you’re useful and believe in yourself. It’s our own insecurities which bring us down the most – believe you can do something and you can! – Create a more positive outlook on life.

Whether it’s going to the moon, earning a million pounds or meeting the partner of your dreams, we all have big goals we want to succeed at – stressing out on these goals means you don’t get ‘me time’.
Whether it’s writing a journal, travelling, volunteering, throwing a dinner party, having friends round for cocktails – little things can have a huge difference!
Decorate your home – start a fresh! Now January is out the way, why not start something new – get some flowers to make your place look alive, put them in a nice vase instead of keeping them in paper – whatever you do appreciate all the little things in your life – it’ll change the rest of 2016 for the better,

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