4 Types of Glassware for Whisky

4 Types of Glassware for Whisky

Dartington Dimple Old Fashioned Glass

Tumblers (Old fashioned, Double Old Fashioned)

One of the most popular types of glassware for whisky drinkers. The tumbler can be used for cocktails, and what it is most suited to, neat or on the rocks. We at Beautiful Homes Direct recommend a heavy based crystal tumbler. It sits comfortably in your hand and is the perfect glass for entertaining or relaxing.

 Dartington Snifter Glasses

Snifter Glass

If you are a serious whisky connoisseur than your whisky collection is not complete without this tulip shaped glass. Made to get the most out of the aromas from your favourite whisky. This glass features a narrow rim, which acts almost like a funnel.

 LSA Boris Highball


The perfect choice for whisky cocktails. The older sibling of the tumbler, this glass has a higher capacity and is suited for mixing your whisky. It is often used for whisky and soda and allows for plenty of ice. Highballs are now just as popular as the tumbler for whisky.

 LSA Bar Brandy Glass

Balloon / Brandy Glass

Originally made for the consumption of brandy, these glasses are now just as popular with the whisky drinkers of the world. This glass often has a wide ‘balloon’ shaped bowl and is made so that when held horizontally, the spirit does not spill out.

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