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How prepared are you this Easter? Do you have hundreds of thoughts flowing through your head at one time, ‘Is five Easter eggs enough?’, ‘What will be better chicken or lamb?’, ‘how am I going to entertain the children during their Easter holiday?!’ Don’t panic and take a deep breath as Beautiful Homes Direct is here to help by providing a few tips and ideas that will contribute towards your preparation.

Sweet treats

Let’s first start with the children, the main way to keep them distracted and active is to introduce them in the kitchen, let them help you make fun treats. Create treats that have an Easter theme to them and this will draw in their interest and add extra excitement in your household for this fun filled holiday. 

Creme Egg Fudge

Try creating some delicious Easter Creme egg fudge, fun and easy to make with your children for chocolate filled fun. Once you’ve made the delicious sweet fudge showcase them to your friends and family in our LSA Bon Bon jars available in two sizes, LSA Serve Bonbon jar 25.5cm and the LSA Serve Bonbon Jar 38cm.


Top Tip: For the adults enjoy the fudge with a glass of champagne this will go perfectly with the combination of sweetness and dry fizz will work extremely well.

 Chicken or Lamb


Are you stuck for choice on what to make your family and friends this Easter Sunday, we have picked two recipes that will change your dining experience.  Take a look at this beautiful Jamie Oliver recipe for a roast leg of lamb recipe, I have personally made this dish and you will not regret making it.

Top Tip: Soft, fruity red wines such as a young red Rioja or juicy Chilean pinot noir will partner this lamb brilliantly.

If lamb isn't for you take a look at the Jamie Oliver roast chicken full of beautiful flavours of lemon and fresh herbs.

To present your succulent roast lamb or chicken at Beautiful Homes Direct we have a wide range of dinner and serving sets to meet your dining needs. Our porcelain LSA Dine 12 piece set will be perfect for you and your family accompanied with four dinner plates, starter/dessert plates and cereal bowls, you can’t go wrong as the set comes with plates that will be most needed.


To accompany the handmade elegant 12 piece set the LSA Dine vegetable dish will present your fresh greens magnificently with the vibrant colours standing out from the smooth white porcelain. You family members will not be able to resist tucking into your lovely presented vegetables.


Top Tip:  Sauté you vegetables with herbs, infuse them with arrange of aromas such as olive oil, garlic and any choice of herbs (oregano, thyme, basil)

And of course we cannot forget about the LSA Dine oak baguette set 50cm, you family can gather round the fresh warm baguette resting on a natural oak board and dip pieces of bread into a selection of tasty dips, from velvety smooth hummus to sleek balsamic vinegar and oil.



Don’t forget Easter is a food filled occasion, therefore don’t feel guilty snacking on your favourite foods, enjoy your day and forget about the scales this Easter Sunday.

Evening treats

Finally when the children are asleep open up a bottle of your favourite wine sit back and relax and enjoy on our LSA Paddle water/wine oak paddle, available with elegantly handmade stem less wine glasses on the natural oak board with indents that securely keep the hand blown glasses in place.

All items are available at Beautiful Homes Direct and if you order before 2pm we will despatch your order on next day delivery for free! You can’t go wrong and shop today.

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