Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day this year

Everyone often have strong feelings about this day whether there positive or negative. But take advantage of this day no matter what your feelings are, either treat yourself or others.
I have come up with a list of beautiful items we offer at Beautiful Homes Direct offering unique and romantic ideas for you this year.
First serve your champagne elegantly in our LSA Wine champagne flutes, priced at £46.00 for four glasses.
 Accompany these beautiful glasses with the LSA Savoy champagne bucket at £63.50, to chill your champagne at the perfect temperature.
 Also how about presenting your strawberries in a unique new way, by placing them in our LSA Midi cocktail glasses (£27.00), oversized and perfect for displaying anything your heart desires
 Another inventive way to use our handmade glasses, why don’t you present your tempting desserts in our sophisticated LSA Martini glasses (£39.00). Recipes are available on our Pinterest
Remember whatever you do, do it in style at offering big designer brands homes ware to you.

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