5 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Gemstones

Diamond   Amber

The softest gemstone in the world Amber with a Moh Rating of 2 - 2.5, Diamond is the hardest gemstone with a Moh rating of 10.


Peridot was the favourite jewel of Cleopatra, the Queen of Ancient Egypt. It is also the national gem of Egypt.

Blue Diamond

The most expensive gemstone in the world is the Blue Diamond that is valued at £2,920,378.50 per Carat

Bahia Emerald  Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Largest Unfaceted Gemstone ever found is the Bahia Emerald weighing in at 1,900,000 Carats. The largest faceted gemstone ever found is the Golden Jubilee Diamond that weighs 545.67 Carats


Believe it or not but the rarest gemstone in the world is not a diamond. This title belongs to Painite

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